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How To Create Minimalist Designs That Are Effective

Jun 27th, 2016

Minimalism is a design term that has become part of the popular vernacular over the past few years as a way to describe something that has stripped away all unnecessary elements, leaving only the essence of an image, work, or even living space. The goal of minimalism is to give something the appearance of simplicity, which in actuality, has received quite a great deal of thought and attention in bringing it together. Below are 5 ways to create effective minimalist designs.

Creating A Minimalist Design

Be consistent. A minimalist logo or brand mark can be incredibly useful when it comes to creating your brand’s identity. Keeping your logo simple and versatile means that you will be able to insert it into other branding campaigns and content without it looking out of place.

Explore hidden relationships. Minimalism by no means implies that you are forced to sacrifice creativity. Often, when you are not burdened by complex visuals, it is much easier to search for and discover interesting patterns and relationships that might have otherwise remained hidden within your design.

Play with spatial relationships. Minimalist designs tend to free up a lot of extra space in which to play around. One of the best things about minimalism is that it allows you to consider how your design lines up with other complementary designs within a given space. A clever arrangement of minimalist imagery can create a macro image that is complex and sophisticated.

Be clever. In order to compensate for the lack of quantity in a minimalist design, we must overcompensate on quality. This means coming up with a design that is innovative and highly original. Playing with the typography to create additional layers and meanings in your branding or logo is a great way to insert relevant iconography into simple text and add both subtlety and sophistication.

Break some rules. Minimalism allows you to break some of the traditional design rules because you are already dealing with less in the way of visuals. Something as simple as rotating text or playing with font size and proportion, things which might add to the confusion if they were present in an image-heavy visual, can actually serve to add some character and originality to a minimalist design.

Minimalism is popular for a reason: it works. Freeing up negative space allows you to play with images in a way that cluttered pages and screens don’t, giving free reign to your imagination and often, presenting you, and the viewer, with images or subtle distortions that may not have been immediately noticeable had their been a multitude of competing images on display. Consider the above 5 tips when designing your minimalist logo and create something aesthetically pleasing and unique.

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