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How to Throw a Customized Birthday Bash

Jan 20th, 2015

Throwing a fun and exciting birthday party that your guests will love is as easy as pie. Or we should say, birthday cake!

Birthday Bash

Creating a memorable, customized bash is something anyone can do and with a little help from Club Ink, you’ll become the most talked about party host in your circle of friends.

Age is more than a number

If you are throwing a party for your son’s fifth birthday, remember that boys can get rowdy.

A bash that allows them to burn off their excessive energy,such as a sports or a superhero themed party, is always a great idea. Try to avoid competition games where there are winners and losers. Instead, pick activities where you can award customized medals for participation instead.

If you’re throwing a Sweet 16, keep in mind that this party will probably be co-ed and revolve around music. Teenagers are keen to listen to their favourite bands over and over again so it might be wise to choose a theme that revolves around that, such as a Taylor Swift or One Direction party. This can be incorporated into your décor with custom made cutouts to include in a photo booth station featuring a one-of-a-kind Sweet 16 banner.

If the party is for you or another adult then choose a theme based on their interests. Try to avoid popular themes like “Retro 80s” or themes based on TV shows. There is a great chance your friends went to a Mad Men or Footloose party last week and won’t want to experience that cheesiness all over again!

It’s all in the invites

Instead of sending out invites through email, why not give out customized invitations? Nowadays, invitation cards are reserved for weddings, but if you’re throwing a customized birthday bash, you might as well go all out with your invites.

Decorations as unique as snowflakes

Decorations are easily customizable. You can use banners, printed posters, personalized tablecloths and even centrepieces. Each item can be custom-made to fit the party’s theme.

For instance, if you are throwing a Frozenparty for your children, you can decorate with wintery embellishments such as centrepieces made to look like snowmen and reindeer.

Give them the loot

Loot bags aren’t for just for kids. If you’re throwing a birthday party for yourself, you can give your guests souvenirs to take home. You could give out personalized items like key chains with each guests name or customized T-shirts. If you’re using centrepieces, give them away at the end of the party.

Don’t forget the most important rule of customizing a birthday party: Have fun!

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