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How to Have a Successful Store Opening

Apr 7th, 2015

Your big day is coming for the launch of your store.

The question on your mind is: Will it be a success?

Successful Store Opening
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Getting off to a right start with a big launch can give a new business a huge boost of energy and confidence. And it will build buzz and word of mouth amongst new and potential customers and clients.

Help make sure things go off without a hitch – and that your store opening is a hit – by following these tips to make your store opening a success.

  • Have a special launch promotions
  • Special promotional prices are an effective hook to grab people’s interest in the launch of a store. Take advantage of this by offering opening-store discounts or pricing specials during the big launch day.

  • Prize giveaways help lure people in
  • Considering giving away special prizes, taken from the products or services you offer, during your grand opening. This is a sure-fire marketing technique to get people interested, mainly because everybody loves free stuff!

  • Advertise, advertise, advertise
  • If people are going to show up, then they need to know about your grand opening in the first place. Make sure the event is widely promoted through techniques such as a press release, ads in newspapers and online, as well as large signs, balloons, and other eye-catchers at your location to grab attention.

  • Food helps draw people in
  • We all love free food and refreshments. Make sure your launch event has something for the crowd to eat or drink during your event. It’ll attract more people and will make those who come stay longer, giving your staff a better chance to close profitable sales.

  • Invite VIPs if appropriate
  • Consider extending an invitation to local VIPs such as community leaders or local politicians, including city council or even the mayor, if you feel this is appropriate for your business. Also consider extending invitations to other business leaders, such as the local chamber of commerce, as well as the media.

  • Flashy events matter
  • It may sound corny, but events such as a ribbon cutting and other activities during your launch help build excitement. This will also help lead to word-of-mouth referrals.

  • Give out handouts
  • Handouts with information on your business should be given to the crowd to help them come back! Consider printing coupons for a discount on their next visit on their receipt. This will increase the chances of return visitors, and will build an instant loyal following.

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