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Mural Ideas for School Walls

Sep 16th, 2015

If you want to encourage students to have a healthy pride in their school, one option sure to peak their interest involves wall murals. By using murals for school walls, you can capture students’ imagination whether through showcasing the wonders of nature or through teaching them about the world in which they live.

School Wall Mural

Of course, you can make the project even more meaningful for students by asking for their input into the design before enlisting the help of professionals to turn concept into pride-building reality. What follows are some mural ideas for school walls that are sure to delight not only student, but also teachers and support staff.

Nature & Creatures

One great idea for school wall murals is a nature/animal theme. By incorporating both the natural environment and wildlife into school wall murals, you can show students, teachers and other staff depictions of penguins amongst the icebergs, lions amongst the forests, and black stallions amongst the open meadows. By showcasing different animals from around the world, you can teach children about creatures and habitats that may otherwise be unfamiliar to them. 

Such murals can also help students to feel more comfortable in the school environment and give them something to talk about with their peers — things that will help to build a strong sense of school spirit.

We are the World

Another great school wall mural idea is a global map theme. Many classrooms already have a globe on the teacher’s desk, but a map mural takes things a step further. Whether on a wall in the library, in a classroom or in the front foyer, a school wall mural with a map theme will educate, inform, and enlighten children in a unique way.

Instill Values

Yet another great idea for a school wall mural involves using a section of a wall to print, in large block letters, a word such as “Justice.” Then you can include, within the block letters, pictures of people or events that throughout history have demonstrated, in this case, “Justice.” There are loads of words that will work with this concept, which means that the sky is the limit in terms of the direction such a project can take. This sort of wall mural will provide students with a great conversation piece, and will help to instill values that they can take with them long after graduating.

The aforementioned three school wall mural ideas should provide some food for thought should you decide to embark upon such a project. As always, we at Club Ink are available to answer any and all of your questions about school wall murals. So get in touch today!

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