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What are the most in-demand colours for business signage?

Apr 7th, 2014

Signs are used to convey more than the messages written on them to the customer. In addition to relaying information about the company, signs can also suggest values and attributes about the business. Primary colours are popular, but there are other common colours that are used frequently. Many companies use the psychology behind colours to make the most out of the limited real estate of signs to influence customer behaviour.

Business Signage

Green is the new black

In keeping with the green revolution that companies and communities are headed towards, green has caught the eye of those in the roles of marketing and PR. To indicate environmentally neutral or friendly business processes, many are choosing to integrate the colour into their signs and marketing materials. In a similar vein, the health of the environment is also connected to personal health. Experts say that green is also linked to creativity. With the rise of startups and startup culture, the general ethos is one of thinking outside the box.

The more natural the shade, the better. Neon green is uncommon and a bit surprising, so it’s not within the shades of green that are often picked. Starbucks is an example of a company that uses green to indicate ethical treatment of employees, use of fair trade coffee, and a forward looking attitude.

Stick to the primary colours

The most popular colour as indicated in surveys around the world is blue. This fact is reflected in the blue logos that can be found globally. It’s easy to think of a dozen companies whose colours are blue (HP, Dell, and Paypal to name a few). If you’re looking to appeal to an international crowd, then blue is certainly a safe bet.

Red is an attractive and vibrant colour that can draw attention in a way that other interesting or bright colours can’t seem to. Like blue, it also has universal appeal. It is also the typical colour associated with flashy items, like sports cars. The colour is associated with feelings of energy and excitement. It’s not conducive to analytical thinking, but it can be useful for influencing shoppers. Consider Target, whose logo is concentric red circles. The inside of the store also integrates the colour to signal that energy to the customer.

Many signs incorporate photos of either people or products for sale. The colours listed above are generally great as backdrops to written messages or other small images.

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