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How To Create Great Corporate Gifts

Jul 24th, 2015

Creating corporate gifts can be a great way to win over potential customers and boost your brand’s popularity, but only if the gift is worthwhile. As much as a great gift can do for your company name, a shoddy gift can damage your reputation. Creating a useful and memorable gift item that won’t end up in the trash bin at the end of the day isn’t easy but it’s worth spending some real thought, and a reasonable amount of money on getting something that sends the right message. Here are some great tips to help you create the perfect corporate gift:

Corporate Gifts

  1. Practical and Useful
  2. One of the worst things about going to any kind of corporate event or tradeshow is the possibility that you will end up with a million useless plastic gizmos that you will never use. If you cannot see any purpose to the gift you are handing out other than to act as a cheap promotional item for your brand, people will see right through the gesture. To make a good impression and really reap the rewards of handing out corporate gifts, you want to create swag that is useful to the people you give it to. If you can provide something that gets used on a day to day basis, the money will have been well spent because your company name will not only stay fresh in the mind of the person who received it, but also in the minds of those who see them using your swag.

  3. Related to the Event
  4. If you can come up with an item that is related to the specific event you are attending, so much the better but do try and think outside the box to come up with something useful but unexpected. If you are at a craft brewing event and supply everyone with bottle openers, you may have successfully provided something useful and relevant but you might not be the only one to do so.

  5. Well-Made
  6. Every item you put your company name on reflects on your company in some small way. If you go around slapping your product name on useless gizmos that nobody has any purpose for or, worse yet, cheap items that break immediately, you are telling your customer that you don’t really care about quality. This is not a good message to send to potential customers or even potential repeat customers. Everything you put your company name on should be held to a certain level of quality so as to not embarrass the business down the road.

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