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How a Simple Card Design Can Benefit Your Business

Nov 16th, 2020

Business cards in Toronto have many benefits when they are used properly. Whether you are a part of an established company or an emerging one, business cards are still a very cost-effective and efficient way to promote brands. A picture speaks a thousand words, so the design of your card should be a top priority.

How a Simple Card Design Can Benefit Your Business

Still, less is more, as you don’t want to inundate your prospects with too many images or words. The key to effective marketing is to keep things simple. However, it is possible to keep things simple without sacrificing your brand identity or playing it safe. For example, you can utilize a minimalist design while still being professional and classy. Here, we will discuss business cards and how a simple design can benefit your brand.

Stick to the Basics

When a client or a potential customer picks up your business card, they should be able to quickly understand what you are selling and who you are. You will need to provide some details about your product or service, as well as your company.

However, a business card is too small to include all of your website details unless it is very short. The card should only include the bare essentials: name, logo, and a line or two of contact information. You can also include the official social media handle of your company if it is brief.

Boost Your Visibility

If you want to stand out amongst your competitors, then go with a minimalist design. Ample white space should be available, as it will draw the attention of your prospect better than a bold, flashy design or edgy colours.

Avoid the common mistake of choosing full-colour printing. Instead, select a specialty print element to infuse the card with visual interest. For example, you can go with a subtle stripe on a matte card that will pique your customers’ interest without interfering with your business card’s legibility. Another option is to use a Spot UV gloss coating that does not interfere with the business card’s readability.

Now, you may feel that going with a white card is too stark. If so, then we would suggest having your design printed on a Colorplan paper that complements your business’s brand. A white silk screen can be utilized on dark or black hues, or you can use black ink with foil printing with a registered embossment.

Augment Your Confidence

A card that is dense with images and text can come off as unprofessional or even desperate. However, with a minimalist design, you can evoke feelings of brand confidence. You will also be showcasing trust that your prospective clients will be interested in following up with your enterprise.

In fact, we would argue that simple designs look more sophisticated when they are amalgamated with cardstock that is of premium quality. For example, inkjet cards tend to be rather flimsy, so we would recommend that you go with a thicker card instead.

Gold or black may work really well, as they are refined colour pallets. They should mesh well with your particular brand. Another option is to choose black cardstock that can be ameliorated via embossing, foil printing, or other premium accents.

Generate Intrigue

The end goal is to get a prospect to visit your website or call your company. To achieve this, you must first pique their curiosity. Great design will help you accomplish your aim, as it will generate intrigue.

In order to get clients to engage with your brand, though, you need to up the ante and avoid a rudimentary card template. Instead, go with a dynamic design template that is both inventive and fresh. For example, rather than choosing a horizontal derivative design, you can opt for a vertical one. Another option is to actually emboss your logo directly onto your new business card.

You can add some chic and zest to an otherwise plain card by placing custom-brand colours to the edges of your business card. Metallic paintwork around the edges is a popular choice among design experts as well.

Maximize Readability

Chaotic imagery and superfluous information will only distract or overwhelm your audience. Instead, simply ensure that your business card is legible by, for example, increasing the font point size. However, you must still maintain a visual hierarchy. The company name must remain paramount, followed by your address and telephone number.

As for your company name and logo, you can use an ornate script font or decorative one if you wish. However, they should be avoided for your contact details. In some cases, you may also include pertinent text in a smaller font size. If so, select a sans serif font that is modern in nature.

Your design may also incorporate a delicate typeface. If this applies to you, then we would suggest a cardstock that doesn’t utilize a heavily textured finish. Instead, choose a smooth finish, as it will not interfere with your card’s readability.

Final Thoughts

Your business card serves as a means to make a first good impression on a client or a prospective client. It only takes 4 seconds to make an impression on someone, so you need to capture their attention quickly and then hold it for a prolonged period of time.

High-quality cardstock is crucial, as is the use of a simplified and minimalist design. You should also make judicious use of specialty elements and colour to stand out from a plethora of competitors.

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