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Why Creative Sticker Ideas Work for Marketing and Advertising

Apr 24th, 2020

Everyone loves stickers!

Not only are they nostalgic items for most adults, but they’re an easy way for people to personally advertise their brands in a highly creative and visual way. As well, businesses can use stickers to get their name out in public without breaking the bank.

Creative sticker ideas work for marketing and advertising

Many businesses across the globe use different kinds of stickers to woo customers to their doors. There are two main types of stickers available for businesses interested in using them for marketing and advertising. These include:

  • Personal stickers
  • Large public stickers

Today, we are going to focus on public advertising stickers. However, no matter which route you decide to go, as it stands, stickers in any form are collectable. They’re creative, show the world your interests, and let businesses advertise what they are selling. In other words, if used effectively, public stickers can really influence people’s shopping choices.

Large public stickers are one of the most innovative ways for a business to attract attention. When strategically placed in shopping districts and areas with high-volume foot traffic, they reach your potential customers in ways that can’t be done elsewhere, especially in an age of oversaturation on social media. While everyone is running to grab people’s attention online, you can take advantage of the now less crowded offline space.

Another great thing about stickers is that they can be easily customized. This is probably one of the main reasons they’ve become so popular as a marketing and advertising tool for businesses.

Stickers Allow for a Lot of Creativity

There aren’t many other mediums that allow for the level of creativity that stickers do. When it comes to this kind of advertising, it’s easy nowadays to come up with a design that attracts people to your product.

For example, UNICEF created stickers that were used to make a political statement. Their stickers look like landmines on the bottom, while the top was self-adhesive and mimicked the floor they were placed on, making them invisible until someone stepped on one. When they were stepped on, they would get stuck to the bottom of the individual’s shoe. When the individual bent down to remove the sticker, they discovered the picture of the landmine with a message talking about how, in another country, they could have ended up seriously injured – or worse.

Another great example comes from the pet food brand Pedigree, who used their stickers for promotional reasons. In pet stores, they put stickers on the floor that looked precisely like dog food bowls filled with food. These stickers were sprayed with the scent of the food, which meant that every dog ended up licking the sticker. This then attracted the owner’s attention to the brand.

Stickers are Cost-Effective

The great thing about stickers is that most people see them as fun, rather than an irritating attempt to grab their business. This makes them more likely to lower their defences and sticks with people. It’s a great reminder of your brand and how they had a positive experience with you in the past.

Compared to many other marketing and advertising methods available for business owners, stickers are a highly cost-effective option. However, only if they are placed strategically and communicate effectively, as in the examples above. If you are going to invest in your business, you want to invest in quality. This means that you should consider hiring a professional service to help you get the job done right and help you develop an idea that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Other Sticker Examples to Get Your Ideas Flowing


Reddit wasn’t always so popular. When they first started, they invested their limited funds into stickers. Everywhere the founders went, they put stickers on posts, signs, and gave them out to people. This campaign paid off and was part of what led to their huge success today.

Folgers Coffee

Folgers held a campaign where they placed giant stickers of coffee mugs over manholes. It gave the stickers the appearance of steaming cups of coffee in the middle of the street. This product placement worked great for people walking by—it delighted them and put the Folgers name in their mind as they went about their day.

Ready to get your custom stickers?

Knowing what type of stickers will make your business stand out can make a huge difference in setting yourself apart from others. When you work with Club Ink, we can help you design the perfect stickers. Contact us today for a free quote or to talk to one of our knowledgeable representatives.

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