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What Makes Custom Bumper Stickers An Effective Form Of Marketing

Mar 26th, 2018

Marketing is a critical investment for businesses, but not all campaigns drive the same results.


Sticker marketing, however, is a powerful tool that often gets pushed aside in favour of the digital medium – although stickers can drive a huge amount of brand awareness. Here’s what makes custom stickers such an effective part of a marketing campaign:

  1. Increases Visibility Through Word-of-Mouth

    Bumper stickers are an effective form of marketing because they accomplish more than one task.

    First, they generate a lot of visibility for your business. Indeed, bumper stickers continue to catch a lot of attention. This is especially true on the road when people are stopped at a red light.

    Bumper stickers tend to be funny or witty and this is what makes businesses stand out. Custom stickers can also be aligned with your brand identity.

    Unlike billboards, bumper stickers are not static. They cover a lot more space, which allows businesses to get their message across to more people.

    Lastly, not only do bumper stickers increase the visibility of your business, but they also generate word-of-mouth. Someone’s positive opinion can be powerful; according to Nielsen, 83% of people trust recommendations from friends and family.

  2. Low Cost Per Impression

    Custom stickers have an extremely low cost per impression, making them very affordable for small businesses.

  3. They Compliment Other Marketing Efforts

    Bumper stickers compliment other marketing efforts; for example, they make great promotional items at events like trade shows. They can also increase the open rates of direct mail and so on.

    Stickers tickers are not only meant for bumpers. They can be printed in bulk and applied to any number of surfaces, from windows to laptops to water bottles.

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