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Reasons to Advertise With Bumper Stickers

Oct 15th, 2020

Bumper stickers are considered by many people in the marketing industry to be a tried and true form of advertising. You have also probably seen bumper stickers daily, not just on cars and motorcycles either.

Reasons to advertise with bumper stickers

They are a perfect advertising medium to help expand your business because they are a ubiquitous marketing resource. We believe that the best way to take advantage of bumper stickers is to get your customers and fans to advertise your business for you.

Below are even more reasons why you should consider bumper stickers the next time you want to market your brand.

They’re Affordable

Most companies are on a tight budget, given how competitive the market is, so the key is to use a mass-market medium. Bumper stickers are inexpensive to produce in large amounts, and the printing technology available today will help you print your stickers quickly.

For example, a printing company may use one machine in order to print your bumper stickers and may use another to size them. By doing so, your printed bumper stickers will be perfectly trimmed each and every time.

The process can even be automated, thanks to modern-day advances in the printing industry. As a result, the cost to print bumper stickers today is the lowest it has ever been.

A cost-effective bumper sticker can potentially advertise to thousands of people a day and will continue to promote your business for years with zero renewal fees.

Easy Distribution is Yet Another Advantage

Virtually anyone that you come across has probably seen a bumper sticker in their lives. Also, most people actually enjoy them and find them zany and memorable, so they aren’t just for children.

In fact, many people enjoy bumper stickers because they can show others what and who they love and respect. From brands to politicians, a bumper sticker allows a person to express themselves creatively without expending much effort.

Even better, bumper stickers allow customers and fans to advertise for the sports team, political parties, bands, organizations, and brands that they support.

Many fans will often stick their favourite bumper stickers on their cars, motorcycles, backpacks, laptops, and lockers in order to let people know what they are all about.

Help Reinforce Brand Identity

Building a brand can be very difficult, let alone trying to build a successful one. From colour schemes to finding the ideal logo for your website, trying to drive the message home to customers can be very hard.

Still, once the logo and colour scheme have been finalized for your packaging and website, things tend to get a little easier. You can then start mass-producing bumper stickers to help reinforce your brand.

You can also hand out bumper stickers to random people, or even sell them in some cases. Regardless of what you decide to do with them, bumper stickers show your fans and customers that your brand is worth supporting.

Your fans and clients will also form a personal connection to your products, and when they stick your bumper stickers on their property, they’re endorsing your brand.

Here, then, the goal is to help reinforce brand identity at a minimum cost to your company. To do so, people will need to see your bumper sticker in many areas, and often as well.

Ideally, they will also see the bumper stickers being used by those they love, respect, and trust. Trust is particularly crucial, as people who see those they trust using your bumper stickers will also learn to trust your brand.

In sum, you want to form a symbolic connection with your customers, and you also want your fans to have a sense of pride and joy whenever they showcase your brand. Even better, you get advertising that is essentially free in the process.

Most People Actually Enjoy Them

Bumper stickers have been around for quite some time, and the reason for their staying power is because most people absolutely adore them. Many organizations will hand them out to people on the streets or to those that attend their events.

Many famous bands will even sell them to their devoted fans, and people seem to genuinely enjoy sticking them on their products.

Some will even plaster entire walls of buildings and other public property with them, such as park benches, although we do not recommend this.

In any event, you will likely have been exposed to hundreds of bumper stickers annually, so they are truly a ubiquitous form of advertising that is hard to ignore.

You can also use many online design tools if you are not sure where to start or need a helping hand to get the creativity flowing. So, why not start designing and distributing your one-of-a-kind bumper stickers while your customers place them on their favourite items for you?

Use Bumper Stickers to Strengthen Your Other Marketing Mediums

Some companies on a tight budget may use bumper stickers exclusively in order to promote their brands, which is fine. However, bumper stickers work even better when they are used in conjunction with other advertising mediums.

The strategy, then, is to reinforce your message through broadcasting, print media, and direct mail by also using bumper stickers. Thus, bumper stickers help promote synergy at a low cost.

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