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5 Tips For Bumper Sticker Design And Printing

Sep 12th, 2016

Bumper stickers are one of the most common and popular forms of low-cost advertising used by all kinds of businesses. You can see these stickers regularly on the road, which makes them a great medium to advertise your brand or product.

Design Rules For Bumper Stickers And Printing

The fact that this form of advertising is pretty inexpensive means that any business can design and print stickers in-house or get the work done by professionals at a small fee, depending on the number of prints desired. If doing it yourself, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Keep the design simple

    This is particularly important if you want to relay a message. A complex sticker will just be ignored because people don’t want to waste time trying to figure out the message. People have very little time to view a sticker. So, avoid anything that clutters the design, such as long statements, small print, and excessive diversity of colour.

  2. Try a unique shape

    Most of the bumper stickers you see around are rectangles. They are not necessarily easier to create because it is possible to customise any shape you want with a die cutter. However, you will probably be required to pay a little extra for atypical shapes and sizes. But if it makes your sticker stand out, depending on the nature of your business, then it’s worth it.

  3. Use high-contrast colours

    People are more likely to glance at something that is easy to read, which can be achieved by using bold colours that stand out. However, limit yourself to just a few colours so it is not confusing. Use a coloured background – other than white – with the message written in a contrasting colour. An outside-the-box sticker will draw attention and deliver the message better.

  4. Optimise on the space

    Stickers are usually used for promotional purposes and are likely to contain a singular message. You won’t have to add your company name or logo. But you can use the extra space to put some more information in case the reader is interested – perhaps a website or contact information or some more details.

  5. Use a protective coating when printing

    A bumper sticker is a form of outdoor advertisement, which means that it will be exposed to the elements. It will also be in contact with soap and water every time the vehicle is washed. Using a gloss vinyl coating ensures that the sticker can withstand tearing and fading, so it looks new for longer.

Overall, marketing and advertising for small businesses should not be complicated. By following these tips, you can successfully use bumper stickers to capture the attention of prospective clients in your locality.

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