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Why Your Event Needs A Step And Repeat Backdrop

Feb 19th, 2018

Step and repeat banner stands and backdrops are the promotional pieces that you may see at various media events like red carpets, where attendees are posing in front of a banner with various logos printed on the posters. In other words, step and repeat backdrops are basically logo walls.

The Importance Of Step And Repeat Backdrops

As you will see, events with step and repeat backdrops are buzzworthy, they boost brand awareness on a high-quality level and they increase the prestige of any event. Here is a more in-depth look at why your event needs a step and repeat backdrop.

  • They Look Great!

    Not every event has a step and repeat backdrop. When they are at events, they do command attention. Attendees are naturally inclined to take pictures of themselves in front of the banner stands and potentially post them on social media.

  • Boost Brand Awareness Ten Fold

    First and foremost, step and repeat backdrops boost brand awareness. After all, they have your company logo over them.

  • But, what’s particularly great about step and repeat backdrops, over other advertising/marketing efforts, is the fact that they increase brand awareness on a whole other level.

    Here’s the thing. Not only are you advertising to the people at your actual event, but you’re also advertising your business all over social media – and for free!

    As mentioned previously, step and repeat backdrops encourage people to take photos given the celebrity-like nature of the backdrops. People are much more likely to post pictures on Facebook, Instagram and so on.

    For businesses, that means a lot of additional traction of your event, all at absolutely no cost. As you can see, they offer a great return on investment.

  • Increase the Level of Prestige Of Your Event

    Step and repeat backdrops are common fixtures at celebrity events such as red carpets, fashion events and galas. Adding one to your own event infuses the entire event with an elevated level of prestige and a “celebrity-like” or more professional feel.

  • Wrapping It Up

    Step and repeat backdrops are buzzworthy, create high levels of brand awareness without the additional cost and increase the level of prestige at any event.

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