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What’s Driving The Digital Textile Printing Boom?

Dec 26th, 2017

We’ve talked a lot about the digital textile printing – the process of printing colorants onto fabrics and garments. It’s a growing trend in advertising and marketing, but also in other spaces as well, like the fashion industry.

Digital Textile Printing

Within the advertising and marketing space, digital textile printing is all about printing branded elements onto signs, banners and even table cloths and t-shirts. The possibilities are endless. For businesses, this trend has opened up a lot of new ways to advertise your business.

What’s Driving the Digital Textile Printing Boom?

We’ve covered the future of digital texting printing, but what about what’s driving this new trend?

Ultimately, there a lot of factors driving this boom, but here is a brief overview into what some of those factors are:

  1. Demand for Rapid Customization
    One of the primary drivers of the digital textile printing boom is the consumer demand for customization, both in terms of clothing as well as household goods. Digital textile printing has made it possible to offer more customization due to its design and colour abilities and, of course, for this to occur in a short period of time, as you will see below.

  2. Manufacturers and Customers Want More Sustainable Methods
    Another driving force behind the boom is that both manufacturers and customers want more sustainable methods – that is, practices that reduce both water, consumption of power and waste.

    Digital textile printing fulfills these needs. Not only do digital printers reduce water and power, but they also enable manufacturers to integrate the “make-to-order” model to reduce the costs associated with excess inventory.

  3. Retailers Want to Shorten the Supply Chain
    Retailers want to shorten the supply chain so that their their product is available in a much faster timeframe. Digital printing now makes it possible to offer print-on-demand models, making this possible.

    Many retailers are interested in shortening their supply chain, including the fashion industry.

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