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Thinking Of A New Look For 2018? 4 Tips For A Brand Refresh

Jan 2nd, 2018

Brand refreshes keep your business relevant. The best companies out there do them.

Perhaps you are noticing that your brand is becoming indistinguishable from others in your market or maybe your graphic elements look stale or outdated. These are all great reasons to consider a brand refresh.

With that in mind, here are four tips.

Brand Refresh Tips

  1. Freshen Up Your Brand’s Strongest Graphic Elements

    A brand refresh is never about creating entirely new graphic elements; instead, it is about freshening the strongest elements – i.e. the most recognizable. This could be your logo, your colour pallet, your fonts and so on.

    That said, if there are elements of your logo that are outdated or no longer work for whatever reason, you can of course, remove them.

    When the Miami Dolphins rebranded their logo, for example, they kept the dolphin, sun, water and the colours in their brand fresh – they simply brightened the colours. However, they did remove the silly helmet that the dolphin was wearing.

    In short, they retained their strong elements but freshened them up. And, they removed what wasn’t working anymore.

  2. Consider the Future Of Your Business

    When planning a brand refresh, you have to think about the future of your business and where you might go.

    You want to avoid making your brand refresh trendy; this could outdate your brand much faster. The idea here is to try to be as timeless as possible.

    In order to do this, you also need to think about where your business could go in the future so that your logo could hypothetically support those elements.

  3. Simplicity is Key

    What makes brands stand out today? Simplicity. That’s one reason why simplicity is such a good idea when it comes to brand refreshes.

    But there’s another reason too. 50 years from now, you will be able to retain the strongest elements of your brand because they were simple. Sure, a little freshening up may be necessary, but the foundational elements will still be intact.

  4. Focus On Real Change

    The best brand refreshes occur when a brand refresh is about real change; the visual elements of the brand (like the logo, the colours, etc.) then reflect those changes symbolically.

    Take Starbuck’s 2011 brand refresh as an example. That year, they wanted to broaden their market beyond just coffee. So, what did they do? They dropped the word ‘coffee’ from their logo.

    The key here is that the experience of your brand and the visual elements should (ideally) work in tandem.

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