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How To Create Cohesive Offline And Online Branding

Dec 18th, 2017

When it comes to your brand, it is imperative that you provide a cohesive and consistent branding experience both offline and online. The reason for this is that it makes understanding who you are as a company a lot easier.

Cohesive Offline And Online Branding

How To Create Cohesive Offline And Online Branding

  1. Focus on Visual Elements First
    The first step is to ensure that the visual elements of your brand (i.e. your colour schemes, fonts and so on) are consistent both online and offline. From your auto decals to the copy on your website, everything needs to be consistent with who you are.

    After all, your website/blog is simply the online version of your brick-and-mortar store, so why should it look and feel any different?

    Since these are the elements of your brand that are so identifiable, it is a good place to start.

  2. Maintain Your Brand Personality
    Brand personality – the human characteristics of your brand – is another important component of who you are as a business; as such, it should be accurately reflected both offline and on.

    If your brand personality is all about elegance, it is important that your website design, copy, content on your blog, and even social media interactions all reflect this.

  3. Provide a Consistent Brand Experience
    Not only should your brand look visually similar both online and off, but you should also aim to provide a similar brand experience. If part of your brand experience is about providing top-notch customer experience, you should aim to do this in an online medium as well.

    There are so many opportunities for conducting customer experience in a digital setting.

    Whether you set procedures in place to respond to customer questions quickly on social media or you use Facebook Live as a means to answer customer service-related questions, you have a lot of different tools at your disposal to be able to deliver a consistent brand experience even in an online medium.

  4. Put a Team in Place To Manage Brand Consistency
    It is a good idea to put a team in place to manage brand consistency. If you are a small business, this might only be one person, but it’s important that someone is overseeing the process.

    In order for your team to be effective, however, you have to understand your brand yourself and to be able to train your team. Eventually, your employees will become natural brand ambassadors and will much more easily be able to determine possible problems with consistency should they occur.

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