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Hottest Trends In Rec Sports Team Uniforms

Feb 26th, 2018

Recreational sports team uniforms often draw inspiration from mainstream sports and fabric printing services are taking note. That means a shift toward an authentic look using traditional colours, while incorporating a modern twist.

Rec Sports Uniform Trends

With that in mind, here are the hottest trends in rec sports team uniforms at the moment.

  1. The Authentic and Traditional Are In

    It was not always this way. For years, college football uniforms had been getting more wacky with each passing year.

  2. When Nike’s Pro Combat uniforms became a trend nearly a decade ago, teams like Oregon hopped on the bandwagon, too. The problem is that their colours were straying farther and father from who they were.

    Today’s teams are moving away from experimentation and toward their more authentic and traditional colours. There is a lot more simplicity than in times’ past. A uniform should reflect a team in a way that accurately reflects their skill level and team colours. It is not necessarily an opportunity to make a loud statement.

  3. Simplicity

    A lot of teams are moving toward simplicity. They are doing away with the more busy patterns and details and toward clean, crisp lines.

    In other words, they are opting for simplicity. Take, for example, Washington State. They completely removed their stripes and other more complicated and busy elements of their jerseys.

  4. Traditional And Yet Still Modern Overall

    While college teams are embracing their more traditional colours, the trend right now is still modern. Yes, teams are dialing things back and moving toward simplicity and understatement, but uniforms are still modern.

  5. Embracing Old-School Details in Small Doses

    College jerseys are simultaneously both more traditional and modern, but some teams are also embracing old-school elements in very small doses. Consider, for example, Nebraska’s faux-mesh numbers taken straight from 1997.

Sure, the overall jersey has their traditional colours and still looks modern overall, but it also has incorporated small details in a more minimal and understated way. One exception here is Penn State, who went completely old school with their jerseys.

Today’s rec sports uniforms are traditional and authentic while still being modern for the most part. That said, many college teams are also incorporating small old-school details at the same time.

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