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Branding For The Holidays: 4 Tips

Dec 4th, 2017

Holiday branding can be a great asset to every business.

Remember, however, that branding is not the same as holiday marketing; branding is about communicating who you are as a business; marketing is about promoting a particular product or service.

Nevertheless, the holidays still offer a great time to communicate who you are as a business – what you stand for, what your values are and so on.

Holiday Branding Tips

Branding For the Holidays: 4 Tips

  1. Give Back
    Many holidays are about giving back in some way. As such, the holidays offer a great opportunity for businesses to demonstrate their own value within the community.

    Today, customers are choosing the businesses who exhibit social responsibility in some way, whether it is a commitment to sustainability, a particular social cause and so on.

    In fact, according to a study by Neilsen, 55% of consumers would pay more for products and services from companies that are investing in achieving positive social or environmental impact.

    In doing so, these businesses communicate their core values. There are countless ways that a business can give back to either customers and their community during the holiday season.

    Whether your host a charity event or put on a fundraiser, the result will still be the same: a lot of value for communicating who you are as a company.

  2. Give To Your Customers
    The holidays are also about giving; spread some holiday cheer by offering your customers holiday specials, discounts and free holiday gifts or giveaways. Digital printing companies can help with this.

  3. Holiday-Themed Branding Elements
    Your logo and other visual elements are an important part of a brand. This is true both in-store as well as in your website design. But you can also change some of these elements during the holiday season as well.

  4. For example, you can include festive colours on your website. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to be consistent.

  5. Give Customers the Opportunity to Personalize Products
    Although this tip is technically considered more of a marketing tip, it is also about branding as well. The holidays are a great time to offer your customers the ability to personalize your products to give to their friends and family.

    It is through this process of personalization that customers become more emotionally attached to those products. In turn, the brand also becomes personal and sees a boost as a result.

    Coke is famous for running personalized campaigns, especially with their ‘Share a Coke’ campaign.

If you are looking to brand your business for the holiday season, consider Club Ink. Club Ink is one of the leading digital printing companies in the industry who have been serving top marketing and ad agencies for more than three decades. Contact us today for more information.

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