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Brainstorming Exercises to Help Brand Your Business

Oct 23rd, 2017

Creating a business that fits into a specific consumer need is a great first step in starting a new company. Working hard and managing that business so that your product or service is excellent is, of course, of the utmost important as well.

However, most customers don’t know what you offer, or how good it is, until you find a way to brand yourself so that they will consider you as an option. That is why no matter how great you think your product or service is, you need to invest a significant amount of time into branding it properly so that your company can do everything you want it to and that you know it can do.


Branding is going to be how your customer sees your company. When they think about needing the service or product you offer, they will have your company categorized, and it needs to be properly categorized in order to convert its image into actual sales.

To do so, try using some of the following brainstorming exercises to help brand your business well. You can use the results in various ways, such as on advertising banners and advertising billboards.

  • Self-Examination Exercise

    One method is to have your employees get into small groups (or work individually if you have a small group) and give them a prompt to brainstorm. The prompt should be to come up with as many words as possible in 5 minutes that describe the personality of your business.

    For example, one group in a particular company might come up with words such as “luxurious,” “upscale,” and “cutting edge.” Another group, for a completely different company, might come up with words such as “budget friendly,” “casual,” and “approachable.”

    Have the groups share their words and create an overall list of them. Then split the groups back up and have them brainstorm two or three ways that your current advertising can be altered in order to better portray these fundamental characteristics of your brand image.

    You can then use these results to alter your advertising, such as that on advertising banners or advertising billboards, to better show off your company’s unique personality to potential customers.

  • Envision Yourself As A Superhero Exercise

    This exercise is a little more fun if you want a more lighthearted exercise to do with your employees that can nevertheless be quite productive.

    Split the room into small groups again. Provide each group with some paper and standard drawing material such as pencils and maybe some coloured markers.

    Have each group draw a stick figure that represents the company’s ideal customer. They can represent that customer’s characteristics with the figure’s appearance and also items on or around it.

    Next, have them brainstorm a problem the customer might have that they would commonly come to your company to solve. Have them draw a representation of that.

    Finally, have them draw a stick figure that represents your company. However, have them draw it as a superhero and have the drawing depict what your company does to save the day for that customer.

    This can be a fun exercise that gets your employees thinking about just what your company does for people, but also about who your ideal client base is. You can then use these results as a jumping-off point to getting into a more serious discussion on either of those issues.

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