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3 Branding Tips For Restaurants

Dec 11th, 2017

A strong brand is the critical foundation of any business. 77% of people make purchases based off brand name alone. Branding creates trust, credibility and new customers.

Some brands have become so embedded into the fabric of our culture that we refer to them by their brand name and not by the actual product (Kleenex and iPad are a couple of examples). If you’re in the restaurant business, your brand needs to be the equivalent of your chef’s signature dish – consistent.

With that in mind, here are three branding tips for restaurants:

 Branding Tips For Restaurants

Branding Tips For Restaurants

  1. Cultivate Your Visual Identity (And Make It Consistent)
    The visual markers of your brand, like your logo, don’t make up the entirety of your brand, but they are an important slice of the pie in that they help with brand recognition.
    Consider, for example, that a signature colour can increase recognition by 80%.

    Spend time thinking about your logo and especially the choice of colour.

    It’s also important that these elements are consistent across all platforms, both online and off, from your advertising banners to your website.

    Ultimately, your visual identity should reflect your brand’s personality.

  2. Develop a Strong Value Proposition
    An important part of branding is your value proposition – that is, what you offer your customers that’s different from your competitors. In order to this, you must research your industry and understand the ways in which you can contribute to the restaurant business in a way that’s different.

  3. Develop Your Brand Story
    Another important part of your brand is developing your brand story – the purpose of which is to establish an emotional connection with your customers. Your brand story is what makes your business human and as a result, it creates trust.

    Sure, a lot of your brand story will be communicated through external aspects of your business, such as your logo on your advertising banners or when a customer interacts with you on social media.

    But telling your brand’s story is also something that you develop yourself, whether on social media or on your blog and so on.

    Above all, your story should be simple. It should also make your customers relate to you and your business in some way.

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