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Tips To Incorporate Branding Into Your Retail Store

Oct 16th, 2017

For businesses looking to grow and expand, branding is arguably more important than ever before. Today’s consumers are looking more closely at a company’s values before making purchases. For example, 91% of customers are willing to purchase products from authentic brands. The following blog post will take a look at how businesses can incorporate branding into their retail store.

Retail Store Branding

  1. Be Consistent With Your Branding

    Your brand colours and logos are an important part of your branding—these are the identifiable markers of your brand. Above all, it’s important that they are kept consistent across your retail store as well to ensure that your branding is as impactful as possible.

  2. Look at the Big Picture

    Consider that just about any element of your retail store, right down to your choice of music, can be used to establish branding and who you are as a company. This means everything from your choice of lighting to the music to the scent of your store all mean something. These elements should both communicate your brand identity while strategically bringing in more customers at the same time. For example, placing a chalkboard outside your retail store is a great way to bring in foot traffic, but it also needs to communicate your brand identify in terms of your choice of colours and fonts, for example.

  3. Focus on Signage

    When it comes to your retail store, the first point of contact a customer will have with your business is with your sign. It’s imperative that you use your choice of sign as a way to communicate your brand clearly.

  4. Digital Textile Printing (Sublimation Printing)

    One of the trendier forms of advertising to emerge in recent years is digital textile printing (sublimation printing), which is the process of printing colorants onto fabrics. Digital branding companies can print the company’s logo and other branding elements onto various different things, from flags to banners to tablecloths, curtains, window blinds and more, making it a very versatile option for companies looking to brand themselves. This article goes into more detail about the benefits of digital textile printing.

  5. Don’t Overlook Your Associates

    Train employees about your brand; this will allow them to become brand ambassadors and to communicate your brand message on your behalf. They will also have the knowledge to remove any branding elements that don’t align with your business.

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