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How to Determine the ROI of Your Offline Branding Campaigns

Jul 19th, 2017

Determining ROI Of Offline Branding Campaigns

When it comes to digital branding campaigns, there is an abundance of statistics that can be collected and dissected in order to determine your company’s return on investment (ROI). Digital marketing usually collects the data directly for you and often even displays it in easy-to-read and easy-to-understand formats.

However, when it comes to offline branding, such as advertising banners and billboards, it can be difficult to directly measure the effect on your ROI. After all, these is no simple view and click, no way to track statistics of who noticed and immediately followed through by looking into your business.

Nonetheless, it is well documented that offline branding is still an integral part of any successful business, and it must be done. So how can you determine just what sort of ROI your offline branding is giving you so that you can maximize the results of your offline branding efforts?

  1. Use Promotional Codes and/or Coupons
    This is one of the most traditional means of offline branding that allows for an easy measurement of effectiveness. You can do so quite simply by offering customers an incentive, in this case one that involves redeeming a promotional code or coupon for a discount, and then measuring the level of response received through that specific incentive.
  2. Use Offline Branding That Requires Immediate Action
    This relies on driving customers to complete an immediate and measurable action upon viewing your offline marketing method. This makes it easy for you to measure direct response rates, while having the bonus benefit of pushing customers to interact immediately rather than thinking they may look into you later and potentially never doing so.
  3. Pushing customers to an immediate response can be done in multiple ways, but a few popular methods include directing customers to visit your website but including a link to a specific landing page that would have only come from your offline ad (for example,, having them call a number immediately to place an order (you can even set a time limit), or in a modern twist, having customers scan a QR code that will help them interact with your mobile presence.

  4. Search Traffic Volume
    This one is simple. You can measure your website traffic volume and see if it changes in line with your offline marketing efforts. This doesn’t provide as direct of a correlation as the two previous methods, but can be a helpful additional method of measurement.

Remember, offline branding can occur in a number of ways, from large advertising billboards to smaller advertising banners, but including the above information can help you measure your ROI and more strategically focus your offline marketing strategies.

To help get your offline branding up and running with unique and creative branding, Club Ink has been serving leading marketing and ad agencies for more than three decades. Contact us today for more.

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