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5 Tips For A Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Jan 16th, 2018

There is no question that direct mail campaigns can be successful. The key is to implement them in such a way that you stand out from junk mail, the flyers and so on. Here are 5 tips.

Direct Mail Campaign Tips

  1. Be Strategic: Target the Right Customers

    Many businesses make the mistake of sending out direct mail to any customer within a specific postal code. Mass marketing is outdated and not effective.

    Instead, you want to send your mail to the customers who are actual leads. The narrower your target audience, the more effective your direct mail campaign will be.

    You can personalize your direct mail to meet those needs as well (this is very effective).

  2. Make It Lumpy (Catch Their Attention)

    Before you can communicate your value proposition, you have to get people to actually open the envelope first.

    This may seem like a bizarre strategy, but by including an object inside of your envelope (like a promotional item), you have effectively caught the person’s attention so that they are propelled to open your envelope in the first place.

  3. Include Something Useful

    Once the person has opened the envelope, the key is to communicate your value right away. This is what separates you from the junk mail (which don’t provide a lot of value).

    A great way to do this is to include a promotional item like a product sample or a small item you might give away at a tradeshow. This is also a great way to create brand awareness.

  4. Benefit-Driven Copy

    Similar to the idea above, it is always important to focus on the benefits of your product or service instead of the attributes of your product/service or business.

    This is what will make your product or service connect with the potential customer. What does your product or service do for the customer? Emphasize that.

  5. Leverage Social Proof

    Leverage the power of social proof (i.e. the idea of others love your product or service). Research has shown that testimonials can increase conversions by as much as 34%.

    Ultimately, if you can include testimonials in your direct mail campaign, you will increase the validity of your message.

    Including pictures of these customers alongside their testimonials will increase their effectiveness even further.

If you are looking for promotional items to include in your direct mail campaign, consider Club Ink.

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