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4 Tips For Branding Your Charity Event

May 1st, 2017

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when making plans for your next charity event. This can cause you to overlook some key branding fundamentals that can help support the goals of your organization.

Branding Strategies For A Charity Event

Today’s marketing professionals emphasize the need for branding. It’s a valuable tool for reaching your target market and setting yourself apart from similar institutions.

With a well-defined brand, you deliver a clear and concise message and connect with prospects on an emotional level.

Branding allows you to enhance your organization’s profile and credibility while encouraging future donations and developing loyalty among your patrons.

Branding Your Next Charity Event

With the many benefits of good branding strategies, it’s worth investing the time to create and utilize your brand. The following are four tips for branding your charity event:

  1. Have A Clearly Defined Brand
    Prior to your event, make sure that your organization already has a clearly defined brand. If you’re unable to explain your brand to others, then your patrons are also likely to struggle with making sense of it.

    Can you clearly explain the purpose of your organization? What values do you uphold? Do your images, logos, colours, and other elements communicate these ideals?

    These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself when defining your brand.

  2. Create A Catchy Name For The Event
    In order to make a big impact, come up with a memorable name for your event that upholds your branded image.

    A unique and catchy event title not only helps people remember your name and organization, but it also creates a consistent brand “voice” that people will begin to identify with your organization.

  3. Make Use of A Tagline
    Your organization might already have a tagline in place to articulate its identity and mission. But you can also create a unique tagline for each fundraising campaign that you implement.

    A well-crafted tagline is brief but effective, communicating the purpose of your event in one simple statement.

    If you’re raising money for a local community theatre by holding a costume party, your tagline could be “Play Your Part,” which highlights the roles that patrons play in supporting the local arts through their donations.

  4. Spread The Word
    Sending out mailers to past participants is essential to meeting your goals. But in order to expand your reach, you need to be actively promoting your event online.

    There are a number of ways you can do this, including writing blog posts, using a hashtag for your event, or creating infographics that spread awareness about your cause.

    You can hold contests to generate interest. You could have members of the community create posters for the event, post the top submissions on your website, and allow your audience to vote for a winner.

By using the tips above, you can brand your next charity so that you gain more visibility for your organization while continuing to make a difference in your local community and beyond.

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