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Why You Need a Custom Banner for Your Trade Show

Apr 17th, 2020

At a trade show, most people who attend will decide if they want to stop at your booth based on how you brand yourself, and this often includes banners and other visual effects. Even more, you usually only have a matter of seconds to grab someone’s attention.

The reality is, poor signage can hit your business hard if it fails to impress potential customers. Even worse, if your trade show banner looks homemade, it can further hinder your business.

Need of a custom banner for your trade show

The best thing you can do for yourself is to invest in a quality product that gives your business the professional presentation it deserves at every outing. So, why not turn to professionals when it comes to your trade show banner?

The Most Important Elements to Consider When Creating Your Trade Show Banner

  1. Be seen: Consider how broad your audience is at a trade show. To make sure that you get noticed, people have to know you are there. You only have a matter of seconds to attract potential customers to your product as they pass through the crowd. It’s essential that your banner is easy to see and has a striking image or attention-grabbing headline to stop people in their tracks. As well, choosing a design where your branding is near the top (so it’s visible above the crowd) is essential. This lets people know who you are and that you are open for business.
  2. Be recognized: Has your brand been around for long?
    Product placement and recognition is one of the most important considerations when you are creating your tradeshow banner. Make sure that the logo and branding that your customers (and potential customers) are accustomed to seeing are easy to recognize above any product you may choose to feature on your banner. This is even more important if you are a new business. Customers should know exactly what you are selling before they even stop to talk to you.
  3. Be clear: The last thing you want to do with your trade show banner is to overwhelm your customers with too much information. Use your banner as an opportunity to recap your products and reasons that potential customers should be paying attention to you. You have only moments to capture your audience’s attention—think about using short, bulleted lists or a distinctive tagline to headline your banner.
  4. Be simple: When it comes to designing your trade show banner, you can never be quite simple enough. You should never try and jam all of your company information on your banner—it’s not an informational pamphlet, it’s a billboard. A few bullet points are all you need to communicate who you are!
  5. Expand your reach: One of the primary reasons to attend a trade show is to expand the scope of your business. Having a custom trade show banner can only help you draw even more attention to your booth and business. That said, be sure you use your banner to show off your brand/logo. Use bright colours, easy to read lettering and eye-catching details that can be seen from far away.
  6. Make the most of your staff: Every booth should have a knowledgeable staff member (and more than one if possible) on hand who can answer questions and talk to passersby. However, there will be moments when all of your representatives are busy with customers. A well-designed banner is a good way for customers to learn about your products while they wait to talk with a valuable member of your business. If the display is compelling enough, and if things are very busy, they may stick around until someone becomes available.

Now that you know the basics, where to next?

Remember, when you are at a trade show, you have mere moments to attract potential customers to your booth. It would be best if you were looking to create a brand that is reliable and will be easily recognizable in the minds of your customers for years to come. For example, make them want to seek out your business outside of the trade show.

A big part of this boils down to branding. To present your business in the best way possible, you should hire a professional company to handle designing your banner. That way, you can rest easy knowing that your trade show banner will be the best that it can be.

A professional will know all about the intricacies of designing a visually accessible and appealing banner. They will also know how to display information to your audience in both a fashionable and functional way. Creating a dynamic trade show display will help you get the most out of your trade show experience and give you a much higher return on your investment. With a professionally designed banner, you have a much better chance of enticing customers and demonstrating what you and your business has to offer.

Make the Most of Your Next Trade Show with Custom Banners

Knowing what type of banner to use and the right information to include can make a huge difference in your trade show success. When you work with Club Ink, we can help you choose the perfect elements to add to your custom banner. Contact us today for a free quote or to talk to one of our representatives about how we can help your business stand out.

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