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How To Remove Creases and Folds From Your Banner

May 7th, 2018

If you use vinyl banners for your marketing signage, you’re well aware they can crease and fold. While not ruined, they do need some care to make them presentable.

Tips To Remove Creases And Folds From Your Banner

Use Heat Treatment

There are a couple of ways to whip your vinyl banners into shape. Depending on the kind of material your banner is made of, there are techniques you can use to smooth out your banner. For example, vinyl material reacts to heat which will get rid of wrinkles without much effort. Simply lay the banner out in the sun and it should do the trick!

If you have an older banner, you can get most of the wrinkles out by setting it in the sun. A hair dryer can also be used to warm the surface of the banner, but to prevent the design from being ruined, be sure to direct the heat to the opposite side without the design printed on it. Another method is to place your banner (again, print design side down) on a flat surface and apply heat using a steam iron until the creases are gone. Be sure to use your iron at its lowest setting. If you have a vinyl banner, too much direct heat could melt it.


You can also use a steamer. Hold the nozzle of the steamer an inch away from the surface of the banner and move the nozzle slowly over the wrinkle. Avoid making direct contact on the banner with the nozzle. The steam will make the material expand, and the creases smooth out. However, too much heat can loosen the adhesive of your print design, so be careful to steam in short intervals in order to let material settle.

Next, you will want to stretch the banner as tightly as possible when you hang it up. Use strings to attach each corner, or pins to fasten to the wall. If you have minor wrinkles left on your banner after attempting to remove wrinkles, this should eliminate the smaller ones.

Do not forget to take care of your banner and wipe it down from time to time to keep it clean and smudge-free. Do not use cloths, cleaning pads, or towels to clean your banner; instead, use a soft cloth.

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