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Five Advantages of Banner Advertising

Jul 3rd, 2019

Many local businesses have turned to custom printed banners in order to stay ahead of the competition. Image is everything, and procuring the vinyl banner printing services of a reputable banner advertising company can pay great dividends in the long run. In fact, it can be argued that banner advertising is the oldest form of advertising, and can help make a lasting impression on clients, as well as prospective customers.

Five Advantages of Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is also the most cost effective form of advertising on the market, and its popularity has only increased over the last few years. Here, we will discuss some of the advantages of custom printed banners in Toronto and how your business can take advantage of their benefits to increase brand awareness, visibility, and sales.

Improve Sales and Brand Visibility

Studies have found that it only takes four seconds to make a good or bad first impression, so capturing, and retaining, the attention of prospective clients is of the utmost importance. As such, banner advertising serves as an easy, quick, and cost-effective way to generate interest that can be converted into sales.

However, choosing the right banner is crucial, as is the marketing slogan or message that you wish to convey to your targeted demographics. Fortunately, banners can be designed in virtually any size, shape, and colour that you require, so a large and eye-catching banner can quickly capture the attention of passersby, such as people who drive by your place of business on the highway or interstate on a daily basis.

Also, while some people who see your banner may not become instant customers, a visually appealing banner with a catchy or persuasive message may remain in their minds for months, if not years, to come, increasing the likelihood that they may become customers in the not too distant future.

Use Graphics to Tell an Engaging Story

Banner advertising is a great way of telling the world about your products, values, and goals as a business. To do so, you can use visually striking graphics or cutting edge animation to convey a message or tell a story in a way that other marketing mediums cannot.

For instance, some companies have begun using banners that play television or movie ads that rotate periodically throughout the day. Many of these ads are seen by thousands of people every day, as drivers and pedestrians drive or walk past them on crossroads or even on buildings. When used effectively, banner advertising can provide businesses with the range and freedom required to connect with their clients, via their products or services, in a meaningful, immersive, and interactive way.

Build Your Brand Identity

Marketers often claim that image is everything, but style without substance quickly translates into reduced brand awareness and substandard sales. Banner advertising should be used not only to pique the curiosity of prospects but also help retain them by promoting brand awareness and loyalty. To do so, your brand must be built up so that that people will recognize it for years to come.

This will take some time, as people need to be reminded of your products and services on a regular basis until your brand becomes recognizable and well respected. Interestingly, banner ads can be erected almost anywhere, at virtually any time. The time and location are up to you, so researching where your banners will be most effective at reaching a large audience is paramount.

Fortunately, a sound marketing strategy will yield great results more often than not, as people will begin to notice your company logo and brand name over time, and eventually will begin associating with it and its messaging.

Increase Your Client Base

Yet another advantage of using banner ads to promote your business is that it will almost definitely increase your customers. Banner ads can be used to help market your brand but also generate buzz via word of mouth. After all, the goal is to help generate interest in the products that you’re selling and the services that you provide, so using banner advertisements to help promote your brand will serve as an affordable and effective way to increase your client base.

In fact, a well-placed banner ad will ensure that thousands of people will notice your it as they walk or drive by, and even a conversion rate of 5% to 10% will yield hundreds of new customers who will ideally become repeat customers, helping your business grow exponentially.

Quick, Easy, and Cost Effective

A well-designed and strategically placed banner ad can yield an unrivalled return on investment. Banner ads are very cost effective, can be customized entirely to your liking, and can be placed almost anywhere that you desire. Most are also very durable and can withstand the harsh elements for prolonged periods of time. If you are a startup, or simply want to soft launch a new product or service without spending too much money, then a banner ad can help meet your marketing and sales goals.

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