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Common Banner Design Mistakes To Avoid

Mar 1st, 2016

Banners are an impactful, and often inexpensive, way to promote your business. All you need is a snappy summary of your services, your contact details, and an attractive design. Yet it’s amazing how wrong it can go if you’re not paying attention or not checking your work.

Banner Design Mistakes

To ensure your banner is making a positive impression, not an embarrassing one, here’s what you need to make absolutely sure to double-check before releasing your banner design to the world:

Are there any spelling or grammar mistakes?

People will see spelling and grammar mistakes, even minor ones, and instantly distrust the professionalism of your company. Major spelling mistakes will just get you laughed at, maybe even putting your company on the map for all the wrong reasons.

Make sure you thoroughly proofread everything on your banner before you get it printed. Show it to as many people as possible beforehand – they might notice mistakes that you’ve missed.

Did you remember to add your contact info?

It’s amazing how many people forget this, but forgetting it is absolutely disastrous. Ideally, your banner should feature at least an address, phone number and website – maybe a link to a social media profile, too, depending on what service you provide and who your target audience is.

Forgetting one of these things is just about acceptable, but forgetting them all is unforgivable. Make absolutely sure they’re there!

Is your banner too crowded and messy?

Some people try to cram in all the information about their company onto a banner – they write down the company’s entire history, throw in some positive testimonials from customers, and top it all off with four or five images. Unfortunately when it comes to banners, less is more.

The place for all that is a website, not a banner. Too much text and information on a banner will create confusion for your audience. Passersby won’t have time to absorb all of that information, and as such will likely retain none of it.

Is your banner aesthetically pleasing to your target demographic?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there are some things that are universally considered unappealing when it comes to banner design. Clashing colours that hurt the eye, for example, or an overuse of bad, cliché clip art should always be avoided. No matter how good a graphic designer you think you are, try and get as many different opinions as possible before going ahead with the printing.

Make sure to do all of the above, and you should soon start to gain new customers who are drawn in by your stylish ad!

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