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7 Personalized Banners For A Wedding Event

Sep 14th, 2017

Banner stands add a personalized touch to any wedding event, from engagement parties to showers to bachelorette/bachelor parties to the wedding reception itself. They are a great decoration option for weddings as well. Here are seven ideas for how they can be incorporated into wedding events.

Note, too, that all of the options below can have images added to them, whether personal photos of a couple or simple graphics if you prefer.

Personalized Wedding Banners

  1. The “Mr. & Mrs./Mrs.& Mrs./Mr. & Mr.”
  2. This personalized banner draws attention to the couple and makes a great backdrop for any type of wedding event, whether behind the head table or behind the food table. This option works on the front of the head table as well. It can also be altered to “Future Mrs. & Mrs.” at engagement parties or “He/She Asked.”

  3. The “Just Married”
  4. An alternative to the banner above is the “Just Married” banner for the head table. The main table should be personalized and should celebrate this momentous occasion. A banner is a great way to do do that.

  5. A Custom #Hashtag
  6. A newer wedding trend is the custom hashtag. People know that their guests will likely be sharing their photos on social media, so a custom hashtag keeps them together all in one place and easily accessible. Custom tags also an add a personal touch to the wedding and encourage people to get involved.

  7. “Love” or “Your Wedding Date”
  8. More touching, romantic banner options could be the word “love” or your wedding date (or the date that you met, started dating, got engaged, etc.).

  9. The [BLANK] Family
  10. Another very touching banner idea is to draw attention to the fact that you are a family now.

  11. Banner Stands to Guide Traffic to Wedding Location
  12. Banner stands are great for guiding traffic to the wedding location and are a nice alternative to makeshift signs.

  13. [Name][Event]“Club Ink’s Bachelorette Party”

If you’re looking for a standard decoration that draws attention to the event, this is another option. It also makes the bride/groom feel a little extra special, too, when they see their name on the banner. This is great for any type of wedding event.

If you are looking for beautiful, personalized banner stands for a wedding event, consider Club Ink. Club Ink has been serving leading marketing and ad agencies for more than three decades. Contact us today for more.

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