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6 Promotional Banner Design Tips

May 18th, 2015

Creating promotional banners is something that must be done with great thought and creativity. It doesn’t make any difference what you are creating the banner for; whether it be a single sale or your store’s flagship sign, it’s a crucial aspect of business promotion. Banner planning is a delicate process that will take time and effort in designing.

Promo Banner Design Tips

People create banners for all sorts of reasons. Some create banners for store openings, special events, and even holidays. It’s a wonderful way to showcase what is currently happening at your place of business. It is a surefire way to make sure that those passing the business can see what is being offered or celebrated.

By following the tips and advice below, you can create customized banners that will feature your design wisely and professionally!

  1. Make sure that the banner adequately meets the needs of the event or special you are featuring at the given time. The banner should be specific so that it grabs the attention of those who may be interested. Focus on what the event involves and use the information to design the banner appropriately.
  2. Consider the fonts you use on the banner. Are they easy to read, even from a distance? Is it visually balanced and legible? Make sure that the chosen font and font size leave room for graphics and other art that will go on the banner.
  3. Don’t stretch words to fill up space. This could make the banner visually unappealing. Pay attention to the margins which should include 10% of the banner’s bottom and top length. Don’t go to every edge with the design.
  4. Make the banner interesting in order for it to be successful. All graphics and words should be balanced and proportionate to the banner’s size. Don’t make the banner too overwhelming and avoid clumping everything all together.
  5. When creating the banner, consider the material being used. Vinyl banners and PVC banners happen to be the most commonly used. After choosing a material, decide where you want the banner. Will it be hung on a fence, window or mounted on a building? Where it is going to be hung will make a huge difference in the size and type of banner you decide to order.

When designing your banner, assure that you are in accordance with the city’s regulations. Some cities do not allow certain imagery or signs to be hung and therefore, they will charge fines to those who aren’t within the ordinance that the city holds.

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