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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Banner Design

Jun 6th, 2016

Whenever you are advertising your business, whether you are at an exhibition, a conference, or anywhere in public, your banner is going to be immediately visible, or invisible, depending on how you go about designing it, to passersby. Below are 5 tips for choosing the right banner design to attract attention and business.

Choosing The Right Banner Design

The type of banner you use should be informed by the banner design. Stands come in different sizes and dimensions and the banner that you will be able to use is completely dependent on them. Once you know the type and size of the stand you will be using, you can begin to plan and design your banner.

Your logo must be the most visible image/text on the banner and must be easy to read. If you are at an exhibition or trade show and your logo is either obscure or too stylized to read quickly and accurately, the marketing is a lost cause. People, especially when their attention is in high demand, quickly scan and judge their surroundings. They will immediately ignore something that is not easy to read and eye-catching.

Choose your colours with care. The colours you choose must not only be easy to read (i.e. complimentary), they also need to match the theme of your brand and your logo. You want colours that will make your text easy to read. Anything that requires squinting or obscures your logo, brand or message should be immediately discarded.

A picture is worth at least 1,000 words. If your banner contains any imagery at all it should be, first and foremost, high quality. Pixelated or low resolution images are not impressive, or professional looking. You also want images that coordinate with your logo and brand image, ones that help to tell a story or augment your name and design.

Keep the text to a minimum. Overcrowding any sort of marketing tool with text is a bad idea. Your banner needs to simply stand out and grab people’s attention, drawing them to your product or service, that’s it. Any other written information should be limited to your name and website (if you would like to include it), and anything you consider of vital importance for the public concerning your business.

Your banner is the first thing a potential client will see and you need to make sure you make an impression. This holds especially true if you are at a product exhibition or trade show because there will be countless other businesses attempting to do the exact same thing. Only those banners that are truly memorable will draw them in and remain stuck in their heads after they leave. Keep in mind the above 5 banner tips and make sure that your business is getting the exposure it deserves.

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