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5 New Ideas For Bachelorette Parties

Oct 17th, 2016

You don’t have to centre your bachelorette party around a bar. Instead, there are lots of fun themes and activities that a bride-to-be can choose from based on her personality to make her final days as a single lady unforgettable. Here are some ideas for an exciting bachelorette party:

New Ideas For Your Bachelorette Party

  1. Luxe weekend escape

    For a nature-loving, adventurous bride-to-be, you could get the girls together for a party in a decked-out cabin in the woods or perhaps a chalet in the mountains. To make the event even more exciting, you can include a day trip to a nearby spa, a tour of the nearest small town or some fun bachelorette party games. It should not be hard to find some delicious food and cocktails, as well.

  2. A destination party

    For the travel-loving bride-to-be, you can spoil yourselves a little by visiting some popular hot spots. The destination depends on what activities you find enjoyable—consider resorts that offer guided activities such as hot-air ballooning, horseback riding or off-roading. You could include a spa treatment and upscale dining experience.

  3. A wellness retreat

    There are many hotels across the country offering packages for bachelorette parties that include spa treatments, fun workouts, gourmet meals and beach time. It is a great option for the fitness conscious bride-to-be, as you can indulge in sugary delicacies and alcohol, then burn them right off during the fun workout session. You go home guilt-free.

  4. A winery tour

    Nearly everyone loves wine, so you can take this opportunity to take a road trip to one of the wineries or orchards offering tours that weekend. The trip can be upscale with a rented limo or just get someone to chauffeur you around. Make sure to plan and plot your stops so the last place you visit is a vineyard where you can enjoy a late dinner.

  5. A staycation

    Your bachelorette party does not have to involve the usual rowdy night out. You could arrange a slumber party with junk food, man-candy movies and a range of adult-only drinking games—or get spa treatment right in your home. You could go to the spa for some relaxation, but some also offer customised spa days in a place where the client feels most comfortable (often at home). These packages usually include facials, body treatments and massages. You can also arrange for a caterer to prepare delicious meals and cocktails for your girls.


There are so many things you could do, depending on your passions, so think of your bachelorette party as a great opportunity to try something new. A thrill-seeking bride-to-be could enjoy some bungee jumping, parasailing or zip-lining—or perhaps a trapeze class if the wedding is very close.

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