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5 Ideas To Customize A Bachelor Party

Jul 10th, 2015

When you and your mates are heading out for one last night on the town before your big day, you want to make sure that it will be a night to remember! These fun keepsakes will not only help get the party going but also serve as a great reminder of all the fun you’re sure you had, if only you could remember it.

Bachelor Party

  1. Shot glasses
  2. A great way to ensure the party gets going in a hurry customized shot glasses can be made to say whatever you want them to. Get each of your buddies their own customized shot glass or come up with a clever design celebrating your last night of freedom and watch as the bottles empty when you present these practical and fun keepsakes!

  3. Baseball hats
  4. Keep track of your party while you’re on the prowl with customized baseball hats. Color code them so the groom is easy to pick out or give each of your friends a silly nickname for the night. Whatever design you choose, these hats are sure to get plenty of use beyond just your night of frivolous fun, making them great souvenirs.

  5. T-shirts
  6. Probably the most popular option for bachelor and bachelorette parties, customized t-shirts are easy to make and easy to design to your liking. Inexpensive and highly practical, they are a great way to keep the party together even once you have all had a few drinks.

  7. Flasks
  8. If you are planning on taking the party on the road and barhopping through your favorite city, these customized flasks are a great way to make sure nobody gets too sober in between stops. Fill them with your favorite liquor and come up with a few drinking game ideas to keep the party going.

  9. Beer cozies
  10. A great idea for bachelor parties and wedding gifts, beer cozies are easy to customize and a very practical gift. They can be used just as easily for cold pop or other non-alcoholic bottled or canned beverages as they can for beer, making them a great option for the morning after as well as the night of the party.

No matter what you are doing for your bachelor party, you will want your friends to have something to remember your last night of freedom with. Get them a t-shirt and a flask to celebrate the night with and they are sure to remember the good times for years to come.

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