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Wildposting 101: How To Create A Poster That Stands Out

Nov 28th, 2016

One of the most appealing elements of a wild posting campaign is the potential to reach a target audience in an unexpected way. This advertising technique is also affordable and allows for designers to be flexible in how they craft their poster. But without the most effective wild posting design, companies cannot extract the maximum value from their campaign. So to help guide you in your design, below are some techniques to make your wild poster stand out.

An Expert’s Guide To Wild Posting Design

Create posters for two unique environments

Oftentimes, you’ll have the option of placing your posters within natural areas, surrounded by trees and greenery, or within city areas in which you’ll find concrete walls and glass. It’s important that you take these two common environments into your consideration when designing your poster. Ensure the poster includes elements that stand out in the environment and capture the core message of your promotional campaign.

Utilize distinct typography

The typography used within a poster provides a clear insight into the organization behind the poster. You can create a professional tone with a bold sans serif font and elegance with an italic serif option. It’s important to remember to place the font in front of your chosen background before going to print, to review the poster for reading comprehension.

Choose your visual hierarchy

A visual hierarchy is the priority level given to each element on the poster. Assign a visual hierarchy to all elements so that the most important elements, such as contact details and product name, are clear. A designer can craft the headline and the contact information on a unique font to the rest of the poster, attracting attention to high value information.

Less is more

Sometimes an idea can be expressed through a lack of content. Negative space can be used effectively to define the image on the poster and captivate those viewing the piece. Designers can sometimes accomplish more with a minimalist design and a simple message than they can with the brightest of tones and wordy content.

Photos can lend credibility

For growing companies, using photos of a person in the design can add a credible edge to the promotion. Photos bring a sense of realism to the product being promoted. They help connect the concept to the real world and give the audience a sense of comfort.

By following the techniques highlighted in this post, you can improve the results from your wild posting campaigns. To discuss this topic with a design expert, call our offices today!

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