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Why Billboards Are A Smart Investment For Your Business

Nov 20th, 2017

With all of the advertising avenues that exist today, businesses are often tasked with choosing between a seemingly unlimited list of possibilities. Smaller businesses have smaller budgets, so is it imperative that they invest in advertising that is not only highly effective but also cost effective at the same time.

Billboards For Business

Not all advertising methods are created equal. Advertising billboards, however, have long been considered premium real estate for both big and small businesses alike.

Why Billboards Are A Smart Investment For Your Business

  • They Boost Visibility
    They boost visibility, especially when they are placed in strategic locations that receive a high volume of traffic. Research has shown that 71% of people often look at billboards. Over half of those people were called to action in some way; 58%, for example, learned about an event they were interested in attending from the billboard alone.
    Over time, they also establish a connection with those that continually see the billboard. This, in combination with the fact that they are cost effective, makes them a very smart investment, as you will see below.
  • Cost Effective & Low Maintenance
    Billboards are actually very cost effective. Part of this is due to the fact that they don’t have to be continually updated like other advertising options do (pamphlets are one such example). They are also very low maintenance. Any business knows that time is money, so time is always an important factor.
  • Great Return on Investment
    Billboards offer a great return on investment. A smart investment for any business is one that promises cost-effective results. Billboards offer just that.

How to Create Effective Advertising Billboards

Businesses will get the most out of their investment when they maximize the effectiveness of their billboard. Above all, billboards are designed to build your brand. You have mere seconds (roughly six) to capture someone’s attention, so your message needs to be extremely concise. Any text should be no longer than six words.

Billboards should be smart in that they catch attention in a way that’s creative and memorable, but effort should not be spent creating an overly clever billboard; again, you only have about six seconds to capture attention. Smart billboards are simple but creative. Creative, attention-grabbing billboards could even get further attention from the press as well.

If you interested in investing in advertising billboards for your business, consider Club Ink. Club Ink is one of the leading digital branding companies in the industry and has been serving top marketing and ad agencies for more than three decades. Contact us today for more information.

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