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5 Tips For Creating Your Advertising Campaign

Jun 20th, 2016

Advertising is the time-honoured way in which human beings have gone about informing other human beings that they have a product or service to sell and why it brings value. Some advertising campaigns are highly memorable and live on in popular culture as stand-alone statements or pieces of entertainment that transcend the product or service they are trying to sell. Others never achieve lift-off and are forgotten almost as soon as they are conceived. Below are 5 tips for creating a memorable and effective advertising campaign.

Tips To Create A Great Ad Campaign

Keep it simple. Creating an effective, simple ad that is both easy to digest and conveys the necessary imagery and information in as few steps and as little time as possible is often the best route. Being able to capture a general idea or encapsulate the ethos or underlying message of your product with effective, yet simple text and images will often allow you to appeal to a much wider audience.

Have a call to action. A call to action – something which invites an audience to take action or participate in something – is a great way to thoughtfully and cleverly entice your audience to, at the very least, pay attention to what your advertisement is attempting to convey. A powerful image overlaid with meaningful text can help build a positive association in the minds of your audience with your brand image and product.

Appeal to niches. Globalization, especially since the advent of the internet and web 2.0, has meant that niche markets are harder and harder to find. At least ones that don’t already have a couple of first movers making waves. Your advertising should speak to a target audience, one that is large enough to the point where your advertisement can still resonate with people you are not directly targeting, and concentrated enough that there is a market segment who know exactly what you are talking about.

Use visual metaphors. Human beings are pattern-seeking animals, which means that literary devices such as visual metaphors – representing a concept or an image with another one – really resonate with us, especially if it is not something immediately obvious. Drawing a logical comparison between literally unrelated images or concepts with metaphor is stimulating and a good indicator of your creativity and originality as a brand.

Don’t be afraid to rely on iconic figures and ideas. Certain historical figures and concepts have survived, and will always survive, because of their universal appeal and that base knowledge that people have of them. Famous imagery, whether it is a photograph, a work of art, a speech, or the person, or people, who made them allows your audience to make instantaneous, familiar connections between your product or service and something ubiquitous, meaning you can captivate them from the outset.

Creating a successful advertising campaign is not as easy as it sounds. The world’s largest advertising firms spend millions of dollars and countless months and years creating advertising that they hope will appeal to their clients’ target audiences. Sometimes the advertising falls short and has been all for nothing, other times it’s a home-run and sales and business increase exponentially. Keep in mind the above 5 tips for designing your own advertising campaign to create something truly memorable.

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