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How Vehicle Advertising Can Improve Brand Awareness

Jun 12th, 2017

Companies have become increasingly creative as they look for ways to maximize their return on marketing dollars. Businesses with vehicle fleets have turned to vehicular advertising, where graphics are added to vehicles to promote brand awareness.

Vehicle Advertising To Improve Brand Awareness

Although using auto decals for advertising is not a new concept, more companies are realizing the benefits of including their company vehicles in their mobile marketing campaign. These vehicles already drive past thousands of existing and potential customers, merchants, and investors every day, so adding the graphics is the only cost involved with this kind of marketing, as opposed to billboards or other mobile advertisements that have recurrent costs. Vehicle advertising can improve brand awareness in the following ways.

Reach a Wider Audience

The number of existing and potential customers and vendors you can reach with vehicle advertising is limited only by the number of branded vehicles you have, how far they travel, and how much time they spend in high traffic areas. Studies suggest that about 91 percent of people notice and remember ads placed on the sides of trucks. 75 percent of people develop their first impression about the company and its products based on vehicular advertising, while 33 percent are influenced to make a purchase based on the impression they got from the vehicle.


Well designed auto decals can make your company vehicles standout from the rest in traffic or on the streets. Visually stimulating vehicle wraps can even encourage onlookers to share the experience on their social media platforms, further expanding the reach of your message.

Non-Aggressive Advertising

Compared to conventional forms of advertising such as TV and radio ads, and print advertisements, vehicle graphics draw attention without any interference. Interested parties can easily spot the message through the noise, as opposed to having the ad being forced onto them. This makes them more likely to recall the message when the need for that product or service arises.

Targeted Marketing

Auto decals are particularly ideal for local businesses as the company vehicles travel within the specific geographical area of the target market. You have the ability to non-intrusively reach out to your target customers over all the routes they are likely to use during commutes.

Are Vehicle Advertisements Right for Me?

Auto decals not only increase your brand’s exposure, but also reinforce your image and demonstrate your commitment to your business. They provide a cost-effective way for both B2B and B2C businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors in the area, encourage brand loyalty, and sway potential consumers to use their products. They are particularly effective for businesses with a broad audience, but any business can reap the benefits by including vehicle ads in their advertisement campaigns.

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